Colors of Asia 2015

Colors of Asia 2015

 Women in Struggle—paving the way for the future

4 x 26 min.

Colors of Asia 2015 co-production of Vietnam and Japan Colors of Asia 2015 co-production of The Philippines and Japan Colors of Asia 2015 co-production of Malaysia and Japan   Colors of Asia 2015 co-production of India and Japan

“Colors of Asia” is a new style of TV documentary series that emerged from the Tokyo Docs documentary festival. It features collaborations between producers and directors from Asian production companies. The concept of the series is focusing on ‘today’s Asia’ from fresh perspectives.  Colors of Asia 2015 was broadcasted on NHK BS1 over four consecutive nights from August 31 to September 3, 2015 (24:00 – 24:30).

Colors of Asia 2015は2014年のTokyo Docsに参加したアジアの製作者に「アジアの今を生きる女性たち」をテーマに企画の提案を呼び掛け、集まった企画の中から4本を選び、それぞれパートナーとなる日本の製作会社を決めて製作がスタートしました。因習や保守的な風土、色濃く残る男性中心社会と格闘しながら、女性ならではの視点や手法を用いて、日々小さな前進を求めて生きる女性たちを、各国独自の背景を映しながら描いています。